classes and programs

Ages 3 to 5

10 am to 3pm   Monday thru Friday

Oasis Wellness Garden Progam


The little ones have their own area where they can learn, grow, play, and explore the great outdoors. hey get an introduction to RDENIG Aad animals by having a class pet that they get to feed and grow with.


$50 weekly

Ages 6 to 9

10 am to 4 pm  Monday - Friday

Oasis Wellness Garden Program


Come and Register your child today only 3 spots left! Lots of fun filled activities that will have your child exploring and being creative. Dance, Art, Language, gardening and lots of other classes to help expand your Childs mind. 


$50 weekly

Ages 10 to 12

01/19 - 01/23

Oasis Wellness Garden Progam

Has now gone online. Register your child, we send outhte supplies and then they tune in and we do our lessons together.  We are still providing field trips out to our Troutdale location. 


$50 weekly

Ages16 to 24


Thursday,  Friday, Sunday

10 am to 2 pm 

5 Star Men Of Business(5*M.O.B)

Inspiring young black men to enjoying life and seek new adventures to be the best you, you can be.


All Ages

Call to enroll

Wellness for the whole family

This class will teach you how to eat in season with the Pacific Northwest, the nutritionial value of the foods we eat and what they do to our bodies

$75 per month

Maintaining Health With Motion

Classes Start  06/01/2020

Keep your body lean and tone.

Low impact strecthes, high endurance holds, toning using your own weight(calisthetics), moves that you can use thru out your day to keep yourself energized and healthly, stress reducttion techniques are alo taught thru mediation and yoga.


Main Office(make payments) : 503-957-5366

Children Programing : 971-302-5059

Oasis Wellness Garden : 503-957-0949

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